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At Resore Health in Frankston, we have a special interest in pregnancy and the care of babies & young children. In practice we commonly find that women who are under Chiropractic care in their second & third pregnancies are generally more comfortable, waddle less and generally may have a smoother labour. From a Chiropractic perspective, we are thrilled to be a part of a woman's journey through pregnancy and in the early days post delivery we offer a complimentary check of your newborn at home or at our clinic.
Our Pregnancy Chiropractor, Dr Orly is humbled to be in a position to help you and to offer comfort to your new baby, potentially making their early days with breastfeeding, settling and sleep easier. So many babies come into this world having experienced trauma which as Chiropractors we see that this may hinder their development. To start out life free of pain and spinal 'subluxation' (spinal dysfunction/'misalignment') is a great start to life!


Since the birth of Dr Orly's son Jackson (and all of his bumps, bruises and injuries along the way!) it has become more pertinent to Dr Orly just how important Chiropractic care is for babies & children.


A woman's body and posture changes significantly during pregnancy, adapting as a baby grows. Most women will at some stage during their pregnancy experience a niggle in their lower back, pubic area and pelvis, which is exactly why Chiropractic care can offer help.

Chiropractic care (with the Webster technique) during pregnancy is gentle, and can offer a pregnant women greater comfort, and potentially shorter labour and delivery times due to less musculoskeletal pain. The "Webster" technique is a Chiropractic technique which helps in restoring proper pelvic function and balance for pregnant women.








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