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Frankston Breastfeeding Support


Our Frankston Chiropractor, Dr Orly has a wealth of knowledge gained through her involvement in the ABA., helping to guide and support you throughout your breastfeeding journey.


Dr Orly has been a guest presenter at a State ABA Conference, sharing knowledge about breastfeeding and manual medicine. As a Chiropractor, Dr Orly has treated many babies and infants with breastfeeding difficulties who have all had neck, jaw and pelvic dysfunction relating to labour and birth. Correcting these issues may assist in better breast attachment and more optimal sucking and milk removal.


Dr Orly is a former DIV1 nurse with a pre specialisation is obstetric care. She has witnessed many births including c-sections and has herself had a water labour and a water birth. Dr Orly holds a Certificate IV in Breastfeeding Education and is currently studying to be a lactation consultant.


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