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Treatment Modalities


 Treatment by acupuncture



Dry Needling

Benefits include; reduction of abnormal muscle contraction, deactivation of trigger points, restore neuromuscular function and assist with pain relief, this aims at reducing local & referred pain.


Schröpfen am Rücken


This is an ancient Chinese medicine technique used to break down muscle contraction and encourage blood supply. Small cups are applied to the skin using suction. 
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Soft Tissue Manipulation

 A variety of soft tissue techniques used to break down restricted muscle tissue and increase blood flow thus restoring function. These techniques include deep massage, muscle stripping, sustained compression over trigger points and myofascial release. 


Fisioterapia XII

Joint Mobilization

This involves moving spinal joints or limb joints within their normal range in order to improve range of movement and restore function thus relieving pain.
 Shoulder Electrical Stimulation / TENS

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

TENS is a non-pharmacological method of managing pain. Small electrical pulses are delivered via electrodes that are placed directly onto the skin (or attached to acupuncture

Corrective Exercise

Your myotherapist will work with you in designing a program that will identify your needs and help your recovery. This program will be monitored, assessed and modified as your condition improves.


What is Dry Needling?

At Restore Health Myotherapy in Frankston, we specialise in Dry needling. Dry Needling is  a technique used for the treatment of muscular pain and dysfunction in both acute and chronic conditions. The technique involves inserting a fine, sterile acupuncture needle into the trigger points (hyperirritable spots) of the affected muscles. When trigger points are active within the muscles they can cause motor dysfunction, local tenderness and pain that radiates to other regions of the body.

What is Vacuum Cupping?

Cupping is derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine which is based on the belief that conditions such as asthma, common cold, skin conditions, chronic pain and musculoskeletal problems stem from imbalances in the body's life force or chi (energy flow).

Pain and tightness in the body can be a sign of bundled up muscle fibres or fascia. Cupping is an effective technique which may be used to relieve such factors.





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