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Dr Orly Zuker (Frankston Chiropractor) 



  Dr Orly Zuker (Frankston Chiropractor)
(B.App Sci:Comp Med, Clin Chiro:Masters, B.Nursing, Webster Certification, Cert IV Breastfeeding Education)

Dr Orly is an enthusiastic, humble and caring person. Her passion for helping others began when she studied a Bachelor of Nursing at Monash University for 3 years. Beginning as a Chiropractic patient, her own health changes had inspired her to study another 5 years at RMIT to become a Chiropractor. Her main focus in health care is in wellness, prevention and education.

Dr Orly loves taking care of entire families; mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and grandparents, offering gentle and holistic care and helping people to experience greater levels of health and vitality. Dr Orly has a specialty focus in women's health, pregnancy, paediatric care  and breastfeeding. She is trained in the Webster technique to help you through pregnancy, labour and in postnatal care. Dr Orly holds a certificate IV in Breastfeeding Education to assist you on your breastfeeding journey.


Dr Orly has 2 boys, Jackson and Mitchell, and in her spare time (what spare time?!), Dr Orly loves to cook, be outdoors, as well as playing tennis, netball and doing tap dancing!


Dr Orly is a contributor of the nationally distributed Nurture Natural Parenting Magazine and the statewide distributed Your Voice magazine for the Chiropractors Association of Victoria.