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Pregnancy and Paediatric Frankston Chiropractor




Once you have witnessed a birth or given birth yourself it becomes very obvious why Chiropractic care is a great way to start your baby's life. A natural delivery can be traumatic to a newborn, let alone a delivery that involves medical intervention such as caesarean section, forceps, vacuum and manual distraction. Such interventions can leave a baby with mild to severe injuries and can lead to problems such as jaw pain/ bruising, neck pain/limited range of motion, breastfeeding/attachment issues, and unsettledness.


Your local Frankston Paediatric Chiropractor, Dr Orly is highly trained to assess and treat your newborn or infant for spinal, pelvic and cranial and dural dysfunction, allowing them to grow and develop with more comfort. Chiropractic adjustments to a new born are gentle and involve finger pressure, such as if you were to test the ripeness of an avocado.






Chiropractic care continues to be an important part of your toddler and young child's life. With the stress of the birthing process, the bumps and falls kids spine and nervous system can experience a great deal of strain and stress leading to vertebral subluxation (spinal dysfunction and 'misalignment').


Regular Chiropractic checkups at Restore Health in Frankston can identify postural problems associated with growing and may in turn be corrected early on. The adjusting procedures used on children are also gentle, safe and modified in order to respect the small structure of your child. 


We have a large family entertainment area that is equipped with an abundance of toys and books to entertain the kids. Recently, we have added to our kids entertainment (hopefully leaving Mum and Dad to enjoy their own adjustment!)..


- A fully equipped Toy Kitchen

- And, a TV with plenty of Fireman Sam and Paw Patrol episodes (courtesy of Dr Orly's son).





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